Carlos Frunze De Garza

Carlos Frunze De Garza is a progressive chef specializing in fermentation, food science, and sustainability. He creates signature masterful dishes out of every single part of fruits, vegetables and meat, playfully terming it as 'renegade cuisine'.

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Teible's Carlos Frunze on going local

He doesn’t have anything against them but, after two seasons of prioritising local produce at Teible, he’s now going all in on his sustainability mission – and that means no more avo toast.

“In Dubai, the first thing people think of when it comes to breakfast is sourdough and avocado,” he laughs. “We’re a seasonal, local restaurant. I cannot put avocados on our menu anymore and pretend, because I know it’s not from Dubai. I know it comes from Chile, Mexico, Peru, sometimes from Uganda. And I’m

UAE residents promote sustainability with art and food

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to encourage sustainable lifestyles through art and food

as well as litter she collects from the sea floor

"Over a period of a year or so, I went into the shipwreck, I went diving almost every weekend or so to collect these pieces that we just saw at the installation. Every time I would go, I would discover new things, and it's not just about what the shipwreck gives me, but what I also give to the shipwreck. There is this interacti

Behind The Bib: Why Teible Wants To Fly The Flag For UAE Ingredients

The chef thought Ahn was “insane”, he laughed. Yet, “the concept really appealed to me.”

Frunze eventually rose to Ahn’s challenge by creating what he calls bread shoyu, a soy sauce alternative made by fermenting bread off cuts for 60 to 75 days at 60°C with high humidity — and that was how the duo’s path to building the casual fine dining restaurant

The homegrown eatery set in the Jameel Arts Centre at the creek of Dubai’s Jaddaf Waterfront neighbourhood earned a Bib Gourmand award in t